Magic of Yantra

Narayaneeyam is a Sanskrit text written by Melpathoor Narayana Bhatathiri.

It was written as an offering to Lord Vishnu after sitting in Bhajan at His feet at a place 

called Guruvayoor in South India. (in Central Kerala).

The reason for the offering was to cure him of his disease, which he had taken over from his 

Guru who was suffering from “vaatha ” thru a process called “karmavipaaka daana”, which 

no one could cure

It consists of 100 chapters with 1036 slokas. Most of the chapters end with the prayer 

“please cure me of my disease”.. Immediately after he finished the NArayaneeyam he was 

cured of his illness. . .There fore it is believed that chanting the NArayannem is good for 

curing diseases.

However NArayneemis much more than that. It is s the essence of the Sree 

Maha Bhagvatham.

Sree Maha Bhagvatham consists of 18,000 slokas and is the essence of the four Vedas . To 

establish the trio of Bhakti, jnana and vairagya :

“Vyasa Maharshi took out the essence out of the vedas and wrote the Sree Maha 

Bhagvatham” (Bhagvata Mahatmiyam: 2: 71)

(“ Itham Bhagavatham Naam Puraanam Brahma-snmitham

Bhakti –jnaana- Viraaganaam sthaapanaya prakasitham “

Whoever reads the Bhagavatam daily understanding the meanings , will be free of the 

“paapa s” (sin) of a million births (Bhagvata Mahatmiyam: 3: 37)

(Ya –s-cha Bhagavatam shastram Vachet-arthatho-anisham

Janma-kodi –krutham Paapam nashyathae-na- samshayaha)

To be able to read the the Bhagvatam is very very difficult. Reading the NArayneeyam can 

be used as a near-substitute .

Who ever reads a sloka or ½ of a sloka or a single line of a sloka every day , gets the puniya 

of doing yagas such as Raaja-sooya or aswa medha as prescribed (Bhagvata Mahatmiyam: