How to celebrate Diwali

                              How to celebrate Diwali

Why is Diwali celebrated?

Most of us know the religious significance of Diwali and the story behind why Diwali is celebrated. In some states of India, it is believed it is the day when Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after his 14-year exile in the forest. While in some other states it is believed, That when Lord Krishna killed the demon Narakaashura, it was the dying wish of the demon that people should celebrate the day he was killed at the hands of Krishna.

But do you know the most important reason why Diwali is celebrated?

And what exactly you should do to celebrate Diwali in the correct manner so as to enjoy the benefits?

When Diwali is celebrated in the right way, it increases the vibration of your home, environment and brings good fortune and happiness into your lives.

Start at least 4 days before Diwali

Number 1-  Clean your house-  get rid of any unwanted clutter in the house, it can be old clothes, broken furniture, unused old items. Do a spring clean of all the rooms. Also clean your front yard and backyard

Sweep, vacuum, get rid of any cobwebs, mop floors 

Whitewash the walls

Number 2- Shop for new clothes and jewellery for all members of the family and also if you are going to give gifts to your relatives, friends or employees, buy them well in advance. It is important that everyone in the family must wear new clothes on the day of Diwali. Women should wear silk and gold jewellery. This increases the good vibration.

Number 3- Get the oil lamps ready. If you already have lamps purchased for previous years, get them out, wash and dry them. If you don’t have them buy them. You should have at least 100 mud lamps. If one oil lamp increases the vibration of the environment, 100 lamps will make it 100 times better. Also, buy sesame oil or gingerly oil and cotton wicks for the lamps.

Number 4- Buy or prepare sweets. Sweets should be consumed on the day of Diwali by all members of the family and it should also be distributed to friends, neighbours and employees.

Number 5- Buy fireworks and keep it in a safe, dry place. Always children must be supervised by adults while lighting fireworks to avoid any accidents. Fireworks, just like oil lamps increase the good vibration in the house. But it is important that extreme care is taken while lighting oil lamps and fireworks. Women should take care that their saree pallus and dupattas are tied up neatly in place when they are around oil lamps and fireworks.

Number 6 - On Diwali night, bring out all your oil lamps, light them, place them in the front yard, back yard, pooja room.

Decorate your house and especially the pooja room with flowers and lamps. Do your special pools to Goddess Mahalakshmi and if you can chant a Mahalakshmi mantra as a whole family.

Light the fireworks with family and friends and have fun.

Dance and music again add to the good vibration. 

Diwali Morning- Take oil bath, wear new clothes, do pooka, light fireworks, eat sweets, laugh, dance, be happy with friends and family.

All these will attract good fortune and more happiness to you and your family.

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