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Mahalakshmi Mantra 

This Mahalakshmi mantra/stuthi was taken from the old handwritten palm leaves. Chanting or listening to this slokam brings, wealth, health and the Grace of Mahalakshmi!!!  Sung by Mrs Revathy Sankaran.

Mahalakshmi Stuthi

1.Shuddha lakshmyai bhuddhi lakshmyai  varalakshmyai namo namah
         2. Namaste sowbhagyalakshmyai  mahalakshmyai        namo   
3.Vacho lakshmyai kaavyalakshmyai gaanalakshmyai namo namaha
4. Namaste shrungaara lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo namah
5. Dhanalakshmyai dhaanya lakshmyai dharaa lakshmyai namo namah
6. Namaste  ashtaishwarya lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo namah
7. Gruha lakshmyai graama lakshmyai raajya lakshmyai  namo namah
8. Namaste saamraajya lakshmyai  mahalakshmyai namo namah
9. Shanthi lakshmyai  Daanti lakshmyai kshaanthi lakshmyai namo namah
10.Namo asthvaathmaananda lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo namah
11 sathya lakshmyai dhaya lakshmyai Soubhagya lakshmyai namo namah
12 Namaha paathivrathya lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo namah
13 Gajalakshmyai Raajalakshmyai tejolakshmyai namo namaha
14 namaha sarvothkarshalakshmai  mahalakshmyai  namo namaha
15. Satva lakshmyai Tatva lakshmyai Bodalakshmyai namo namaha
16. Namaste vignana lakshmyai  mahalakshmyai namo
17Stairya lakshmyai  veerya lakshmyai dhairya lakshmyai namo namah
18 Namaste asthvoudhaarya lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo namah
19 Siddhi lakshmyai Ruddhi lakshmyai  Vidhyalakshmyai namo namaha
20. Namaste kalyaana l akshmyai mahalakshmyai namo namah
21.Keerthi lakshmyai moorthi lakshmyai  varcho lakshmyai namo namaha

22. Namaste tvanantha lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo namah
23. Japalakshmyai tapolakshmyai vrathalakshmyai namo namaha
24. Namaste vairagya lakshmyai  mahalakshmyai  namo
25. Mantra lakshmyai Tantra lakshmyai  Yanthra lakshmyai namo namah
26, namo gurukrupa lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo
27. Sabha lakshmyai prabha lakshmyai kalaalakshmyai namo namah
28. Namste laavanya lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo
29. Veda lakshmyai naada lakshmyai Saastra lakshmyai namonamaha
30Namste vedaanta lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo
31. Kshetra lakshmyai theertha lakshmyai vedhi lakshmyai namo namah
32. Namste Santhana lakshmyai  mahalakshmyai namo namah
33. Yoga lakshmyai bhogalakshmyai yagna lakshmyai namo namah
34. Ksheeraarnava punyalakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo namah
35. Anna lakshmyai mano lakshmyai  pragnya lakshmyai namo namah
36. Vishnu vaksho bhusha lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo namah
37. Dharma lakshmyai arththa lakshmyai kama lakshmyai namo namaha
38. Namaste nirvana lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo namah
39. Punya lakshmyai kshema lakshmyai Shraddha lakshmyai  namo namah
40. Namaste Chaitanya  lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo namah
41. Bhu lakshmyai te bhuvar lakshmyai  suvar lakshmyai namo namah
42. Namaste trilokya lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo namah
44. Mahalakshmyai jana lakshmyai tapo lakshmyai  namo namah
45. Namaha satyaloka lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo namah
46.Bhaava lakshmyai  vruddhi  lakshmyai bhavya lakshmyai  namo namah
47.Namaste Vaikunta lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo namah
49. Nithya lakshmyai Sathya lakshmyai vamsa lakshmyai namo namah
50. Namste kailasa lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo namah
51. Prakruthi lakshmyai Sri lakshmyai Swasti lakshmyai namo namah
52. Namaste goloka lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo namah
53. Shakthi lakshmyai bhakthi lakshmyai mukthi lakshmyai
Namo namah
53. Namaste trimurthy lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo namah
54. Namha chakraraja lakshmyai aadhi lakshmyai namo namah
55. Namo brahmananda lakshmyai mahalakshmyai namo namah.