Miracle Cure for All Problems

                                                    VISHNU SAHASRANAMA- MOST POWERFUL MANTRA-CURE FOR ALL PROBLEMS Sanskrit

Every human being is looking for a miracle cure for all his or her problems. In this Kali Yuga, we all face some problem or the other almost on a daily basis. We face dangers not only from other humans but also animals and Nature, apart from within our own bodies in the form of physical and mental illnesses.   
The Sanskrit stotra Vishnu Sahasranama is a sure remedy and a cure to all sorts of problems that we face on this Earth. Vishnu Sahasranama is a garland of 1000 names of Lord Krishna or Mahavishnu.       

Vishnu Sahasranama was first chanted by Bheeshma on the Kurukshetra battlefield,when he was lying on his deathbed/bed of arrows.Lord Krishna himself listened to this chanting.Yudhishtra,who was in great despair and depression after the war and the loss of so many lives, found immense peace when he listened to the VS chanting.



 Benefits of chanting Vishnu Sahasranama:               

"That man who with devotion and perseverance and heart wholly turned towards him, recites these thousand names of Vasudeva every day, after having purified himself, succeeds in acquiring great fame, a position of eminence among his kinsmen, enduring prosperity, and lastly, that which is of the highest benefit to him (viz., emancipation Moksha itself). Such a man never meets with fear at any time, and acquires great prowess and energy. Disease never afflicts him; splendour of complexion, strength, beauty, and accomplishments become his. The sick become hale, the afflicted become freed from their afflictions; the frightened become freed from fear, and he that is plunged in calamity becomes freed from calamity."
The man who hymns the praises of that foremost of Beings by reciting His thousand names with devotion succeeds in quickly crossing all difficulties. That mortal who takes refuge in Vasudeva and who becomes devoted to Him, becomes freed of all sins and attains to eternal Brahman. They who are devoted to Vasudeva have never to encounter any evil. They become freed from the fear of birth, death, decrepitude, and disease."