6 Hours Night Protection against Black Magic/ Ekadashamukhi Hanumath Kavacham 

When this powerful Hanumath Kavacham is played, Lord Hanuman stands guard, protecting you from black magic spells, hexes, curses, ghosts and other evil spirits. No evil can hurt you or bother you while this mantra is playing.This particular video runs for about 6 hours, which can actually be played for the whole night.Play this Hanumath Kavacham and get all night protection. 
This mantra has been taken from the secret tantra text Rudrayamala. It is said that Lord Shiva spoke about this "Ekadashamukhi Hanumath Kavacham" to Goddess Parvati, referring to it as "the destroyer of the greatest sins" and " the most wonderful and powerful armour"( कवचं परमाद्भुतम् ,महापातकनाशनम्)  and शीघ्रं सिद्धिकरं परम्)