CHANT MAHALAKSHMI ASHTAKAM 8 TIMES

The mantra / ashtakam of goddess Mahalakshmi which is a mantra for wealth is a time tested remedy or a tool for the mankind to accomplish all material desires and fulfil financial goals. I have practically seen the benefits manifest in less than few hours and at some time takes a few days depending upon the goal one has. The secret behind all material existence is found in the feminine principle, personified in the Goddess Archetype, Lakshmi is a very important Goddess, more people know about her than any other Goddess because Lakshmi is the Goddess of Wealth and the whole world is run by wealth. You may wish to chant minimum 8 times a day as written in PadmaPuran for continuous 41 days to see fortune unfold your way. Salutations to the Mahamaya, the great Enchantress, goddess mahalakshmi in the very first word of the Ashtakam is called as great Enchantress, she has the ability to enchant the whole universe with unimaginable pleasures and fortunes she can shed upon her devotee who resides in Shri Pitha which is her abode and is worshiped by demi gods leave alone human… and the form which is mentioned in the first couple to of the ashtakam is Godess Mahalkakshmi holding Shanka, Chakra and Gada in her hands.