Significance of Lighting Oil Lamps

      Light Oil Lamps Everyday to Burn Past Karma

Lighting oil lamps in temples and at home, in our pooja altars is a common practice among Hindus living not only in India but all over the world. Many do this practice mechanically, without giving much thought to the significance of the act of lighting lamps with special oils and ghee. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, one can very clearly feel an immediate positive effect when we light an oil lamp, using either sesame oil or ghee. 

It is said that light dispels darkness, not only literally but also spiritually and this can be felt by each individual for himself or herself. The positive effect of an oil lamp and its light can be felt not only by the person lighting the lamp but also by all the members in the house. 

People who are chronically sick or who are in the grips of mental illnesses like anxiety and depression can feel an immediate difference and difference for the better when they light an oil lamp in the altar after taking a shower. 

There are several practices followed by devotees in certain temples, where they light 45 oil lamps for 45 days continuously in order to tide over problems in their lives. Some do it every Friday or every Tuesday, depending on their personal beliefs. It does not matter when or how many oil lamps you light but it definitely results in positive vibration in the environment around you and also within you. 

Shirdi Sai Baba is said to have lit oil lamps every day of his existence in order to burn the past karma of the people of the village he was residing in and the village people used to donate oil for this purpose.

1.  Light oil lamps every day. Do not wait for occasions like Diwali to do it. When you light lamps every day, every day is like Diwali in your lives.

2. Use sesame oil (gingelly) oil or ghee to light the lamps.

3. Light as many oil lamps as possible. If one lamp can increase the good vibration, then 100 lamps can increase it 100 times. 

4. If it is not possible to light lamps at your home due to lack of space or due to safety reasons, you can do it at any temple of your liking.

5. Lighting oil lamps increase good vibration, wards off negative forces, brings good fortune and abundance into your lives. 


You can use brass lamps, silver lamps, clay lamps or lamps made out of lemon skins. It does not matter what material the lamp is made out of, but the oil and it's light are the important factors here. Kerosene lamps do not have the same positive effect as sesame oil lamps or ghee lamps. Also, avoid using castor oil or sunflower oil to light lamps. I feel sesame oil is the best because it is also more economical than using ghee, especially if you are planning to light plenty of lamps.