Ringing Bells Brings Good Luck


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Ringing Bells Brings Good Luck

                                                   GOOD LUCK BELL

Ringing bells are an integral part of religious rituals, across the globe, in all cultures and among all major religions. There are bells seen and heard in churches, Hindu and Buddhist temples all over the world. It is common knowledge that sounds have vibrations and some sounds are pleasing to the senses and some are not. The sound of a ringing bell is supposed to clear the negativity in the air, drive away evil forces and bring good fortune. In Hindu temples, it is a custom to ring the bell whenever one visits the temple and this practice is believed to get the divine attention. 

Usually, brass bells are installed in temples and the sound of a brass bell is for some reason, considered more positive than the others. Not only temples but most Hindu and Buddhist homes have handbells made of brass or silver in their home altars.

Why Should You Ring Bells?

1. Brings Positive Energy

2. Clears the air of negativity

3. Drives away Evil Forces

4. Increases Good Vibration

5. Brings Good Luck

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